Welcome to creative land

Here we strive to reach out to people who enjoy original arts and designs. We bring various cultures together through are different departments. Project Zenara is involve in graphic designing, writing of scripts, novels and comic sagas, Ankara crafts, cartoon animation and much more that involve the entertainment industry. We encourage creativity from wherever it may sprung. All are welcome and you would find here that we are at the top of our game giving you the premium of what we do. 

  • Z
    Zenara son of mystic
  • DW
    Mesmerize Me Episode III
  • RM
    Realm of magic
  • SFG
    Grey and Adah on First Trust

Main Departments

Comic and Graphic designing

Zenara Comics is our main department of comic and graphic designing. We have more than a decade of experience dealing with comic and graphics. They is a full team dedicated to handling each level as you climb up the step. We keep our style original and every one is an expert in his or her domain. visit our zenaracomics page for more on comics and graphic designing 

Website development

Project Zenara is an umbrella for creativity promotion. we do website designing of top class level.  E-commerce, Professional, Business, Personal website we build super interactive and attractive websites that speaks to customers. Contact our Web designer for more info per your demands.

Ankara and crafts designing

Get ready to be amazed! look natural and sparkling! Our expert Ankara designer is super creative and talented; blending all sorts of modern arts with Ankara art work to bring out uniqueness. Her products speaks louder than thunderbolts, they would make you feel guilty for spending so small for quite so amazing work. Click here to visit...

How we operate

Project Zenara has been in function for more than a decade now. We have manage to survive to this date because of the believe we share among each member of the team. We take everything from scratch and develop to its end point. Project Zenara team is well equipped with the necessary raw materials all we lack is production on a higher scale.  We maintain a high level of integrity and ingenuity with our work. Each and every member is dedicated and passionate about what he or she does.  Most of us are naturally talented in our various domains of operation. Very little molding is required to get prime work done. Our motivation is to see something new whenever we sit to design and produce.  We are time cautious and set high goals to challenge ourselves. When any of these goals are attained the satisfaction is more than measurable.