About Us

Project Zenara strive to achieve the high heights of comics and arts in Cameroon.
Seeking to promote natural talents and originality in every domain. We keep everything real and propagate a unique style both in writing and design. We invest our imagination in diversity and bring out only the best we see.

We are divided into three major departments (Arts and crafts, Comic stripes and animation, and graphic editing and design)

Our Zenaracomics department is involve in the following 

  •  Comic drawing and editing
  •  Story development 
  •  Tips on how to create a full comic strip on your own. 
  •  Comic Novel illustration
  •  Comic stripe conceptualization 
  •  Text editing and follow ups.
  • ... And many more stuffs that concern the cartoon industry.

We are involve in more than just comic, we promote arts and culture of all forms. We choose natural talents and personal motivations over artificiality. All of our works you would discover are purely based on natural talents and creativity. When it comes to what a talent can achieve. We always believe in our imaginations and  the sky is our GO! point. We make sure the world keeps evolving by bring up new ideas and designs in respective domains as we watch the clock turn. 

Project Zenara stay original and creative