Katongo Relics of a Broken Empire     K-Robe

  In a certain continent, some believe before there were trees, there were men. Men with the power to pause life, men who possess the power to pause change and defile rules and reason.  They guarded an existence for millenniums and forged a society of modesty and slow pace prosperity, magnificence and supernatural dominance over nature. These beings were known as Totems of our essence.
They created and directed those who serve and recognize their existence, all they ask was to be served and rituals to be respected as due.

So did empires came to those who recognized the totems of the continent. The emperors came to witness the greatest of prosperity in that point in time than anywhere else in the world.
They were recompensed for their loyalty and dedication. These loyal servants gained in wisdom and understanding of the notions of life. They could comprehend things beyond normality and they found spirituality in serving. Their spirit dominated their bodies and they become mighty.

Then came other men and thus; ruse, ego, hatred, jealousy and pride turning many away from the recognition of the totems. Gradually their way was lost and they forgot who they were.
However, some have witness so much to forget everything and with all that is left of them they have dedicated it to get the answers and restore the continents pride no matter what it takes.

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