Sorceress from Gaiden

 The sorceress from Gaiden

Gaidenvirt, a world in a garden of endless virtues. In Gaidenvirt humans have exploited virtues, live with purity and gain mystery. However in this seemingly perfect world; they are rules that guide their existence and keep them out of knowledge from those without their boundaries. As you would guess not every rule is that easy to follow and Gaidenvirt forbids who so ever break a rule or defile any of the principles of Gaidenvirt.

People live in Gaidenvirt under the terrible control and ubiquitous surveillance of what is known as the cult. Every rule the Cult created had to do with the world outside.

If ever the Cult should slightly find you guilty of any accusation, you are given a chance to rectify your error by proving that an aspect of virtue, vice or an aspect of the trinity of their foundation (Trust, love and Hate) holds absolute in the outer world.

Failing to do so will result in you and your entire family losing their souls to the Cult. Forever making them powerful and strong.

Nonetheless proving any of this would not only earn you your freedom but will also give you a place in the Cult.

The Cult is the highest authority of Gaidenvirt and everyone wanted to be in it for very different reasons.

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