Long ago there exist those who were beyond “the gods” and those who wanted to get beyond “some gods”.  There existed a  void that needed to be filled among the gods  , however to achieve this, might was mandatory.

Some gods let their ego get the worst of them to attain this call for worship. Loyal servants who were at the same time similar in spirit  like the gods where murdered. They consumed the spiritual content of their ever loyal servants “pure bloods” in order to rapidly amplify their abilities and gain incredible strength. The wait was about over. A nightmare was ignited.

The pure bloods demanded Retribution. The gods will have to pay for this horrible dishonor.

Their seek for revenge forge the power to redefine reality. They kill every ounce of mercy or goodness and harnessed hatred and evil. The souls of each and every one of them renounced for generations. They create an entity of rejection, isolation and Evil; “the Gem”, only for the gods to destroy themselves. Far from imagination, no one could believe that the end of their enemies will be made possible by their enemies.

The result of this search of might lead to the creation of a devastating force. The force created a berserk world and now it’s about to make the real world virtual.

To stop this from coming to fulfillment Kisa the goddess of mystic created a “modified spirit” to be human born, for only a human can contain this power and possibly destroy it.  The gods knew this power could not be destroyed entirely. The intended outcome was kept secret from Zenara, who started feeling remorse about bringing this power to the open. After the dead of Zenara’s dad by his own hands. Zenara decided to put an end to all this and rid the world of any gem particle but Qruel (god of imagination and cruelty) and his general “Devzil” had other plans for the gem. He creates the G2 atmosphere and builds an army out of it. All this to overthrow Limphah (Ever-changing). After a heavy battle Zenara and his allies manage to destroy the G2 atmosphere and annihilate Qruel’s army as well as Qruel.

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